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4-Frame Nucs
Built in Texas with Wild Comb queens

1-19  $120 each
20+   $115 each

***There is a $10 box deposit on each nuc

Queens and Bees Available for the 2017 Season:

Langstroth Nuc - Contains a Northern-raised queen on natural comb.

All nucs are 4 frames loaded with bees and brood.  Only top quality nucs are sold. 

People love our packages!!
Ours are superior because we generously shake them ourselves and rush them back to Wisconsin.  3-4 days in the cage means you are getting vibrant, healthy bees.   

2# Packages:
1-19     $103 each  
20-59   $101 each
60-99   $99 each

3# Packages:
1-19     $120 each
20-59   $118 each
60-99   $116 each

***We accept cash or check and ask for full payment at time of ordering.*

***We are adding a $7 cage deposit per cage to every order.  Cages need to be returned by August 1.**

***Packages not picked up within 24 hours of pick up day will be forfeited.

***Extra queens can be purchased for $30 each.

All packages are tentatively scheduled for pick up at 
Saturday, April 22rd, 2017
Single-story Hive
Built in Texas with Wild Comb queens.  Includes 9 5/8 brood box, cover and bottom board.

$200 each

***limited quantity available

Wild Comb queens raised in Texas and available April 1.

$25 each