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Northern-Raised Queens
*available in May*
We offer hardy queens raised from over-wintered Wisconsin stock. These colonies are all raised on natural comb with no exposure to miticides or other environmental contaminates. All queen rearing colonies are fed a strict diet of honey with no HFC or cane sugar.   Our queen operation uses a unquie mix of queen rearing techniques that allow for superior queens.  Carniolan and Italian strains available.
1-10    $25 each
​11-20  $22 each
21-59  $20 each
60+ call for pricing 
Queens and Bees Available for the 2016 Season:

We take pride in our quality queens and bees.  Don't hesitate to call or e-mail with questions!

June Nucs
Langstroth Nuc - Contains a Northern-raised queen on natural comb.

All nucs are 4 frames loaded with bees and brood.  Only top quality nucs are sold. 

We are offering 2# and 3# packages this spring.  We are working with a long-time acquaintance and shaking them ourselves in FL.  The queens will be an Italian-Carniolan mix from a repuatable source.  We are excited to offer a high quality package!

2# Packages:
1-19     $94 each  
20-59   $92 each
60-99   $90 each

3# Packages:
1-19     $107 each
20-59   $105 each
60-99   $103 each

*We accept cash or check and ask for full payment at time of ordering.*

**  We are adding a $7 cage deposit per cage to every order.  Cages need to be returned by August 1.**

***Packages not picked up within 24 hours of pick up day will be forfeited.""

All packages are scheduled for pick up at 
Saturday, April 23rd.