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About Wild Comb Apiary
Wild Comb Apiary is the family effort of Jordan and Jody Bendel and our six children. Together with 6 generations of beekeeping knowledge and experience between us, our love for these important insects runs deep. Wild Comb Apiary was born out of years of trial and error trying to keep our bees healthy and alive.  Our conclusion has been that these sensitive insects thrive when they are allowed to live as they would in the "wild".  

Wild Comb Apiary is able to produce high-quality Northern-raised queens, nucs and top bar hive nucs based on the following natural techniques we've adapted:

1.  Our hives are not given foundation but are allowed to design their own "natural" comb structure within the hive depending on their needs. 

2.  Our bees can naturally fight mites and disease using their uniquely designed large and small-celled comb structure. This means we have no need to treat with pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

3.  Keeping our combs free of chemical residues allows our bees to live and queens to be raised in a clean environment.  

4.  Combs are completely cycled out after 3-5 years to ensure our hives remain chemical-free and to decrease the build-up of disease.  

These natural techniques allows Wild Comb Apiary to raise the highest quality queens and bees available and giving you the greatest measure of success in your beekeeping venture, whether it be 2 hives or 2000. 

"Our mission is to produce the highest-quality queens and bees available using sustainable methods".
Directions to Wild Comb:

From Viroqua:
Start on Hwy 14 heading toward Westby.
Turn RIGHT on County Hwy Y toward Avalanche.  (1st county road available to turn on)  Follow for approx. 5 miles.
Once in Avalanche turn LEFT onto County Hwy S.  Stay on S for approx. 8 miles.  You will come into a "town" called Bloomingdale.  Once out of Bloomingdale we are less .25 miles up the road on the right-hand side.
Look for our Wild Comb sign and fire #S2206.

From La Crosse:
Come into Westby on Hwy 14/61
Turn LEFT onto Hwy 27 toward Sparta.
Just as you come out of town turn RIGHT onto County P.
Follow for approx. 5 miles until you see County S on your right.
Turn RIGHT onto County S.  We are .5 miles up the road on the LEFT side.  Look for our Wild Comb sign and
Fire #S2206

From I-90/Sparta:
Follow Hwy 27 towards Westby.  
Once you've reached the city limits of Westby turn LEFT onto County P.  (County P is split and you will pass by the first right-hand turn for County P heading toward a ski jump----do not turn onto this one)
Follow for approx. 5 miles until you see County S intersect. 
Turn RIGHT onto County S
We are .5 miles up the road on the LEFT side.  Look for the Wild Comb sign and fire #S2206