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4-Frame Nucs
Nucs are built in TX with a 2019 tested Wild Comb queen and will contain:  3 frames of brood, 1 frame of honey/pollen, newer comb, an organic mite treatment, and 2-3 quality assessments by us. Available at the end of May.

1-20:    $130 each
21-50:  $125 each
50+:      Call for pricing

*There is a $10 box deposit on each nuc.
** Box deposit is refunded when box is returned to our farm in good shape.
*** Tentative pick-up date is Saturday, April 27th thru Sunday, May 5th.  

Queens and Bees Available for the 2019 Season:

Single-story Hive
Singles are built in Texas with a 2019 tested Wild Comb queen and will include:  9 5/8 brood box, migratory cover, new pallet, frame feeder, 8 newer frames (4-5 frames of brood).  Singles will be large and ready for pollination when they arrive in Wisconsin.

1-16 hives:  $190.00 each
17-32 hives:  $185.00 each

*Limited quantity available
**Night pick-up only

  We are focused on producing a high quality queen through both nutrition and genetic selection. Queens are available Mid-March thru the first week of October.  
Varieties available:  Italian, VSH/Carniolan, Russian/Italian 

***Winter Special--If you pre-order extra queens with a nuc order we will take 10% off the queen order*** 
Payment due at the time of shipment.

1-10:    $28.00
11-25:  $26.00
26-50:  $25.00

*Shipping not included in price

Queens are currently shipped by priority USPS with a flat shipping rate of $8.00.  Box can hold up to 10 queens.  

***Special--If you pre-order extra queens with a nuc order we will take 10% off the queen order*** 
Payment due at the time of shipment.
​Ordering and pick-up process:
1.  There will now be a range of pick-up dates for the nucs.  Please pick a day and time (am or pm) to pick up your bees.  This gives everyone some flexibility with their schedule but also allows us time to answer questions during the pick up.  

2.  We are again offering 10% off all queen orders that are placed with a nuc order.  You can change the "Requested Arrival Date" if need be, this date just gives us an idea of how many queens we need to raise.  Queens can be used to re-queen a failing over wintered hive, make a summer nuc, ect.

3.  When your order and down payment arrive we will e-mail you an invoice to close the loop. Please make sure to include an e-mail address.

Nuc Boxes:
1.  We will be trying a new 5 frame nuc box on a limited basis this year.  The price will be the same as the 4 frame nuc but will contain a 5th frame of foundation. 

Brood and Summer Nucs
1.  We currently only have spring nucs and singles listed below.  However, we will have nucs and singles available all summer.  An additional item that we sell on request are frames of bees and brood ($25.00/each).  These are used by experienced beekeeper to boost lagging packages, fix a queens-less hive, or build a nuc with out setting your production colonies back.  Please let us know what you are interested in.  

1.  We are offering queen cells ($5.00/each) and virgin queens ($12.00/each) available on a limited basis this year in Wisconsin.  These should only be purchased by an experience beekeeper and I will discuss the pros and cons of these items with you.  

Please let us know if you have any questions!!  As always we appreciate your support!!
Jordan and Jody  
SOLD OUT until May